Tar Heel Service Day #1

For the spring Tar Heel Service Project held on June 5th, the New York Carolina Club partnered with the Mandala Café (mandalacafe.org) at the All Souls Church providing nutritious meals to displaced and at-risk individuals in Harlem.  Once again, Carolina alumni of the New York area eagerly filled all of the allocated volunteer positions to help prepare, serve, and clean up the meal.  Eleven Carolina alumni participated from 5:30pm – 7:30pm to make the weekly Wednesday Dinner held at the church a productive evening.  The enthusiasm was contagious and did not wane as the cafeteria continued to fill with individuals grateful for the ease and comfort with which they were able to obtain a freshly cooked nutritious meal.  In addition, there were opportunities to share conversations and stories among the servers and diners.  The recipients thanked the servers for their volunteer work, but the alumni found the experience just as rewarding.  Lastly, all of the alumni enjoyed sharing the evening with a new network of Tar Heels.  The evening proved to be enlightening for the participants, who hoped a modest contribution of their time would benefit others.