Basketball Game Watches Are Back!

The New York Carolina Club is excited to say that in-person basketball game watch events are back!
Starting with the game on Tuesday, Nov. 9, we will head to our home away from home, Slattery’s Midtown Pub (8 E 36th St.), to once again support our football team in the company of other Tar Heel alumni and fans.
Here are the first few games of the season:
Tuesday, Nov. 9 @ 7 p.m. vs. Loyola
Friday, Nov. 12 @ 9 p.m. vs. Brown  
Tuesday, Nov. 16 @ 8:30 p.m. vs. College of Charleston
We will host game watches for all, unless we make an announcement otherwise.
The full schedule can be found here.
The New York Carolina Club hopes to see you at Slattery’s and wishes you health and happiness wherever you may watch the game!