Tar Heel Service Day

In support of University Day this weekend, the New York Carolina Club partnered with New York Cares(www.newyorkcares.org) to spruce up Sara D Roosevelt Park on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Despite a steady rain, thirteen Carolina alumni raked, weeded, removed refuse, and mulched to rejuvenate several flower beds within the park.  It was quite an operation, as people were assigned to different stations that worked like an assembly line to most efficiently breathe life back into the greenery housed within a concrete jungle.  The enthusiasm was contagious and did not wane as the program ran through the morning and into the afternoon to hit its goal.  Further, all of the attendees enjoyed sharing the day with a new network of Tar Heel alumni, many of whom they had not met before the community service project.  Several people who braved the weather to visit the park thanked us for the volunteer work we were doing.  The day proved to be enlightening for the participants, who hoped a modest contribution of their time would enhance the outdoors for others.

October 11, 2014
Sara Delano Roosevelt Park Chrystie St New York NY 10002