NYCC 1st Annual 5K (Spring Fling)

NYCRuns Spring Fling 5K Event on Saturday, April 6th at 8:30am ET, on Governors Island (Colonel’s Row)

This is a casual event that isn’t so much a race, but rather a fun opportunity to get outside, support a larger cause, and interact with Tar Heel alumni!

Below are some notes about the event and next steps:

Race Registration – NYCRUNS Spring Fling 5K & 10K

The link to join is registered through NYCRuns. See the link above. When accessing the link, members will be prompted to sign up for the event, and will be able to select “New York Carolina Club” under the “Club/ Crew ” section. Should it not populate – please type it manually.

There is an advantage to signing up sooner rather than later (fees go up until the day of the event, first on 2/14, and again on 3/13). Registration fee includes a tech shirt and post-race eats, and supports Broadway Cares!

Once completed, registering for the event, members can fill out the spreadsheet below to get added to an email chain where we’ll give updates on pre and post event plans.

NYCC 1st Annual 5K (Spring Fling)

April 6, 2024
8:30 am
Colonels Row Hay Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA