Basketball Game Watch: UNC vs Duke

“You know how the folks who reside eight miles down 15-501 wearing the wrong blue love to playa hate on UNC? Jealousy is an ugly emotion, isn’t it?” – Stuart Scott

Good vs Evil. Right vs Wrong. UNC vs Duke.

The sporting event Carolina fans patiently bide their time for, racking up win after win, watching the days slide by until the first meetup.

Its not “just” a rivalry. No, no way, how could it be? Eric Montross with blood streaming down his cheek would disagree. Tyler Hansbrough with a bloody and broken nose would disagree. Heck, everyone who watched Austin Rivers maliciously sneak a game-destroying three in the Dean Smith Center would disagree.

We do battle in Chapel Hill and Durham. We meet on a field of wood, awash in sodium lights. We stream on screens of glass and light all across the planet.

When you tune in or show up, there’s a visual battle cry. Its those two blues in your vision, mixing, a chemical reaction boiling blood, adrenaline billowing out with fire hose intensity. Those thick blue veins in your neck bulge, the air in your lungs turn to fire, your stomach weightless 100 miles above.

So, its much more than a rivalry.

Its UNC vs Duke.



Free Jose Cuervo/ Jack Daniels/ Johnny Walker shot with first purchase of a Blue Cup; $3 PBR as well.

Walk-ins welcome or RSVP for a table.

Game streamed via ESPN.

February 17, 2016
9:00 pm
Slattery's Midtown Pub 8 E 36th St New York NY 10016